Baldeen Creations brings to you an extraordinary collection of Punjabi juttis. Each pair is 100% handcrafted by expert artisans to accomplish great standards of quality. It all starts with the designs that develop from sketches to embroidery on cloth. Then follows, the pasting of the embroidered cloth on leather lining, and hand stitched on the leather soles to make it into a fine jutti. The stitching of each and every jutti pair is done with a great deal of care to give you the perfect fit and comfort.

All juttis are hand-crafted with genuine leather and extra soft cushioning for your sole. Additionally, our juttis are manufactured to have a higher ankle to prevent wearing down and to increase durability. Each pair is quality checked and then packaged to be delivered to you with love.

Call: +917495055288

Email us: sales@gauricrafts.com

Visit : https://www.gauricrafts.com/product/nyra-juttis/

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